Worldbuilders of Science Fiction and Fantasy

From Adams to Yolen

Out of text, imagery, and imagination, these people build Worlds. Worlds that we might want to live in, worlds that we might at least want to visit, or even worlds that we recoil at and think “WTF? No way!…” These people create and bring life to characters who might be friends, mentors, terrible foes, or… someone we would secretly long to be.

These photographs intended to showcase some of the authors, artists, editors and other creators who bring us these amazing and wonder-filled worlds. Some of them have been working in the genre for decades, while some have only recently started writing. Some immediately shot up like rising stars, while some plugged away for years before their first story – or, even more difficult – their second story, was finally published. Some are acknowledged “Grandmasters” in the genre, while others may perhaps become Grandmasters in due time.

These photographs are made using a large format camera; the same type of camera that photography was invented on over 150 years ago. This type of camera echoes the imagery of bygone years, even though the new photographs are in color. In an age where everyone can be in some fashion a photographer, and everyone can take “selfies” with their favorite authors, I hope that these images still tell a different story. They cannot capture the souls of these creative people – their own work does that better than anyone else can – but perhaps these images have their own unique stories to tell.

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