Purchasing: Print and Paper Options

I do my own printing to obtain the highest print quality. I use two 24” large format printers: one dedicated for Piezography B&W printing, and the other for fine art color printing. I can make image sizes from 8×10” to 24×30”, and panoramic images of 8×20” to 24×60”.

To purchase a print, click on the image in the galleries pages, and click on the cart icon on lower left to see print size options.

Piezography B&W Printing

These B&W prints are printed using a Piezography system on fine art archival paper that will last a lifetime. Piezography is the highest-quality, and most-archival, digital black and white ink printing system ever invented. While photo-realistic printers typically use up to 3 shades of black ink,a Piezography system uses up to 7 shades of black ink to print images with an incredible range of rich tones and subtle selenium tones in the highlight areas.

Fine Art Paper

I use the highest quality archival matte papers for printing. I also use specialized washi papers, from Japanese paper makers with hundreds of years of paper-making history. With proper care, these prints will last for decades and perhaps even hundreds of years.