Nebula 2023


In order to provide a better gallery experience, especially for event photos, I am now setting up a site on Smugmug, This site will continue for projects, blogging, fine arts info etc.

The Smugmug site is a work in progress, and it will take a few days before I move all the event galleries there. I am using mostly Smugmug default, and printing should be enabled, but if you see anything wonky, let me know at

(There were no photos from Nebula 2020 – 2022 due to COVID-19)

(Placeholder page. Photos to be uploaded after Nebula 2023 is held)

The Sunday “Red Carpet” photos are here! Due to the software weirdness, there are four galleries in the album. Please be sure to click on each thumbnail to see the individual galleries!

Feel free to grab the photos for your personal (including social media) use. Please retain my copyright watermark. Thanks!

Getting ready for the Nebula ceremony tonight. I love the Nebulas, able to meet with all these authors and even some photographers are so good for the soul. Here are some quick photos I have taken in the last couple days. This page will be updated and changed later.

A photo of all this year’s Nebula finalists that could make it in-person + one virtual. Congratulations.
The VERY VERY serious authors and volunteers from the oh-so-serious Portland.
Jeffe Kenndey, the current SFWA president, came by for headshots and for the Worldbuilders of SF&F project.
The current and a few ex-presidents of SFWA and their spouses.
Two of the many people behind the Nebulas. Kate and Terra work and worked tirelessly for many Nebulas current and past.