New Webapp and Nebula 2024 Photos

ImageCraft.ART is Live!

Hello! Less than 2 months ago, I got this crazy idea of creating a gallery webapp for artists to allow them to dynamically feature and sell their work while also avoiding having it scraped and co-opted by Gen AI.

Many iterations of ideas, design, and coding later, the basic app is now working quite well. We have tweaked the messaging many times, and currently describe it as “an online gallery and social media site for artists by artist, connecting artists with their fans, and focusing on copyright protection and sales”.

There are a few major parts to this app: Portfolio and Galleries, Social Media, Anti-Gen AI tools, and Licensing and Sales. We have completed the first part, and are currently working on developing the Social Media section. We have designed the Portfolio features to be super easy to use.

As an artist myself, I wanted to create something that is powerful, yet doesn’t get in the way of easily creating and displaying galleries. I encourage you to open the app at and click on “Quick Start for Artists” for a brief explanation. Building a startup is hard, and if you can spare a few dollars, please contribute to my Gofundme or share the link:

Nebula Conference 2024

I photographed the Nebula Conference in June 2024, and photos from the conference will be uploaded to the site. Here’s a link to the “Red Carpet” photos I was also able to photograph Dr. Greg Benford, who suffered a stroke in December 2022. So glad to see him recovering well. Here he is with Gay and Joe Haldeman and his finance Naomi.