Digital Arts

(Welcome Chicon8 attendees who saw my new artworks in person!)

For years, I have ideas of creating fantasy paintings, with influence from watercolor, Japanese wood block prints, Chinese calligraphy etc. Unfortunately, there are too many things to do, and too little time to perfect multitudes of techniques. So they remained as “things I would like to do… eventually.”

Well, I am glad to say that “eventually” is now. Basically, with the newer digital tools available, and my portfolios of high resolution portraits and other subjects, I am now producing artworks that I have been dreaming about for many years. I use a number of (digital and analog) tools and lots and lots of experimentation and processing, and many redos and undos to get the images I want.

These are the initial set of images I have done. They were shown at the Chicon8 Worldcon artshow and all but one images were sold. I will set up the shop in the next few days and you can purchase them here as well.

The prints are made on archival luminous washi / rice paper. While they are done digitally, each print will have a small amount of unique changes, so you will be getting an edition of one.

More later… please come by in a few days to check for updates