B&W and Color Fine Art Printing Service

Holding a print or seeing a print in person is different from looking the image on a screen. It is a powerful, visceral, tactile experience, and if you are a photographer, you owe it to yourself to print your images. To fully enjoy your best images, they deserved to be printed by people who care about the art of printing. We provide such services and make the best B&W print possible using the Piezography B&W printing system. The image quality from the Piezography B&W is major step up from conventional ink jet prints.

Here’s a sample print (click to enlarge). The Piezography Pro inks add depth to the printed images.

And while we specialize in B&W Piezography printing, we can also print color images using Epson’s large format printer for the same prices.

“I wouldn’t know it wasn’t a wet room print.”

The Piezography B&W printing system was invented by the fine art printmaker Jon Cone in the 1990s. He has since fine tuned the system multiple times and with the latest Piezography Pro ink set, each of the highlights, midtones, and shadows regions of an image can be printed with a different mixture of cool, neutral, and warm inks! With this control, the ink combination possibilities are practically limitless.

We have a favorite ink combination of course, close to the amazing Special Edition ink set that Jon Cone used to sell but has since replaced by the Pro inks. With the Pro inks’ limitless combinations, it can recreate the look of the Special Edition inks and more. If you want to read more about the process, skip ahead to the below section.

Printing Service

The standard paper we use is the Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta. It is a thick glossy paper that is (of course) acid free and certified archival. The Baryta layer makes it as close to the highest quality darkroom fiber paper as possible and with the Piezography Pro inks, the system delivers a magnificent print quality not possible in other ways.

What we offer:

  • Minor image adjustments included
  • In-depth image processing consultation available for additional fee
  • We can print using the default “Special Edition”-like ink combination, or you may specify your preference (e.g. cool tone or warm tone)
  • We can make one artist proof letter size print and email you a photo of the print for approval

The sizes listed are the paper size and the image can be any size and proportion smaller than the paper size minus the margins. We can also recommend web stores that provide matting and framing services.

10% with your first order!

Paper SizePrice
Letter (8.5″ x 11″)$25
11″ x 17″$35
13″ x 19″$60
17″ x 22″$80
24″ x 30″$150
8.27″ x 23.38″ (panoramic)$35
17″ x 46″ (panoramic)$200

In addition,

  • Price is the same for B&W Piezography or color printing
  • 2+ copies of the same image, 20% off each print
  • Shipping not included
  • Other glossy paper available, including Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl and others
  • Matt paper printing available with a surcharge

Return postage from $12 and up, depending on paper size selected.

A Sample 4×5″ Print for $5!

For USA residents only, you can get a sample 4×5″ piezography print for just $5 and see for yourself. To order, just use the PayPal below and send $5 to richard@richardman.photo


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Turnaround Time
Usually one week.

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Scanning Service

We also provide high quality scanning of your negatives, see https://richardman.photo/scanning-developing-services/

Piezography System

It is expensive and time consuming to set up a Piezography printing system. You need a dedicated Epson printer, special inks and cartridges, and then a profiling device (my used X-rite iProfile II cost me $800 without the software which thankfully is not required for the Piezo process)

Epson printer with piezography cartridges

For each paper type, we have to print out three profile pages and then use a profiling device and advanced software to creates curves for the printing software to use.

Paper profiles