Qi of the Brush

“Way of the Dancing Brush” Yes, I know this is a photography blog 🙂 However, I am also a Chinese calligrapher. My speciality is large scale calligraphy – words that are 3 feet or larger. They look great at your home, in yoga studios, martial arts schools etc. More details […]Read more »

Cards For Sale

Go over here to buy cards! Perfect for the holidays! http://richardman.photo/photogallery/gallery1/

Jeremie Posing for “Hearts on Our Sleeves”

Jeremie, posing for another portrait for the Heart on Our Sleeves project, portraits of transgender people on 4×5 large format film. They ballet dance for fun, and we tried a couple poses. This one comes out nicely. #heartsonoursleeves #transgender #ordinarypeople #imaconflextightscan #filmisnotdead #ishootfilm #kodakmoment #largeformatphotography #largeformat #gibellinicamera #cookeps945 #portra160 #kodakportra […]Read more »

Medium Format Film Shootout, Part I

This and the follow-up posts are the results and observations of comparing four slow/medium speed 120 B&W films: Rollei RPX-25, Ilford Pan F+ 50, Rollei Retro 80S, and Fuji Acros 100. The number at the end of each name is the ISO speed of the film (so called box speed). […]Read more »

Slow/Medium Film Testing Soon

I love my 4×5 for portrait and landscape work. Nevertheless, it is without questions that medium format is more flexible. To see how far I can push medium format, I borrowed 2 film backs, in addition to my 2 backs, I will be doing some testing on some slow and […]Read more »

Soft Focus Lens: Congo 150mm/F4.5

One nice thing about using a large format camera is that you have access to the best lens ever made most of the time for a very good price (e.g. a standard $200 150mm Plasmat lens is as perfect as they get). Azreal and the Queen of the Damned, taken […]Read more »

Richard with ViewCam

Five Years with View Cameras

Yesterday, Facebook asked me to share an old memory from five years ago, which happens to me with my first view camera: The handsome Shenhao PTB617 It was quite a change from using rangefinders and SLRs. I am used to manual focus and not relying too much on automation, but […]Read more »

You Get What You Pay For

Photographers seem to be on a race to the bottom. Here’s a demonstration of a $10 headshot vs. $25 headshot. For the record, I charge $150 and you get 4 to 5 final images…https://www.diyphotography.net/comparing-the-difference-between-10-and-25-headshots/

My Online Encounter With Transphobia

(Originally written August 2016) “People only notice the politics in stories they disagree with.” — in a conversation between Sheila Williams and Stanley Schmidt, Worldcon 2016 They say “words have power”. With these words: “Eli will be entering college in a few days. Even when he was growing up, he had always […]Read more »

The Art of Engineering

A Review of the Gibellini ACN45 4×5 Large Format (LF) Camera, a post I wrote in 2016 on another site. Twisting and turning Large format photography is a dying breed. From its heyday as the medium of choice for the world’s great portrait, landscape, fine arts and commercial photographers such as […]Read more »