I am currently working on three portrait projects, all done on 4×5 large format cameras. For more information, please click on the “Project” menu.

Brian and Marnie

Hearts On Our Sleeves – Gender Expansive Community in America

In this project, I am photographing transgender, gender non-binary, intersex people.

Karen Schnaubelt, Black Queen

Cosplay Transformations

A project of cosplayers and costumers both in and out of their costumes.

The title refers to how cosplayers transform themselves from their “mundane” daily appearance and temporarily become the characters they portray.

Joe and Gay Haldeman

The Worldbuilders of Science Fiction and Fantasy

The boundlessly creative and talented authors, artists, storytellers, conrunners, etc. etc. who bring forth myriad possible worlds of speculative fiction to spark the public imagination.

This photo project is to take portraits of these people, perhaps posed with their most famous or loved work.

PDF Portfolios

Here are some of the older works, presented in PDF files.

Chinatown USA (work in progress)

Voice of the 99 Percent
Photos from Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Oakland

Call of the Ocean

Views of Yosemite 2011