Favorite Photos

Feb 2022

This photo, taken in 2020, won the second place at the Pacific Art League’s Ode to California show.

A more recent photo, taken in 2021

MF202111-RosRedwoods-1-F08.tif 001

Dec 2020

The calligraphy says “Love to All Things. Peace On Earth”.

Nov 2020

This building has been in existence since the 1870s! Originally a blacksmith shop, it’s a local dive bar that seems to pop up from nowhere on the Rt. 84 scenic drive from the hustle bustle of Silicon Valley to the coast. I passed by it many times on the way to photograph the Pacific Coast Highway and decided to stop by this time.While I was setting up the 8×10 camera, I told the biker dudes that I would let them know when I was ready to take the picture and they could move out of the frame if they liked, but instead, they stood as still as they could for 2 seconds, and one guy even made sure that his dogs stayed still for the duration.

Oct 2020

“The Mountains Are Tall and The Tree Are Old”
Yosemite Oct 2020