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Jordan K.

Jordan is a Nebula nominated SF author, but this image was taken for the Hearts on Our Sleeves project, portraits of transgender and gender expansive community. It’s 2023, and I was hoping that the fight for human rights would be tilted toward more acceptance, but sadly, LBGTQ+ and trans people are used as boogeymen for certain people to advance their agenda. Because of the Pandemic, I hadn’t been able to find time or the subjects to photograph for this project. Hopefully this will be a good restart.

Using 8×10 Barrel Lens with a Shutter

… and with flash! Look at this beauty. An 8×10 barrel “Gundlach” single meniscus lens on a Gibellini AG810 with Sinar Copal shutter and modern (Godox) flash. Works great. I 3-d printed the lens adapter board. As long as the lens is not super heavy ( > 3 lbs) and the back cells are not too deep, the setup works great.