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Migrating to Smugmug for Galleries

In order to provide a better gallery experience, especially for event photos, I am now setting up a site on Smugmug, This site will continue for projects, blogging, fine arts info etc. The Smugmug site is a work in progress, and it will take a few days before I move all the event galleries there. I am using mostly Smugmug default, and printing should be enabled, but if you see anything wonky, let me know at

2023 Hugo Finalist

Nominated by members of previous year and current year’s worldcons and voted on by the members of the current year’s worldcon, the Hugo Awards are science fiction’s most prestigious award. I am very honored to be a finalist in the “Best Fan Artist” category in the 2023 Hugo Awards. My work is eligible for the award mainly due to exhibitions on-site and online of my “Worldbuilders of Science Fiction and Fantasy” project, which you can see more details here: You can download the PDF of my Hugo packet here: This is an on-going labor of love project. You can […]

Jordan K.

Jordan is a Nebula nominated SF author, but this image was taken for the Hearts on Our Sleeves project, portraits of transgender and gender expansive community. It’s 2023, and I was hoping that the fight for human rights would be tilted toward more acceptance, but sadly, LBGTQ+ and trans people are used as boogeymen for certain people to advance their agenda. Because of the Pandemic, I hadn’t been able to find time or the subjects to photograph for this project. Hopefully this will be a good restart.

Using 8×10 Barrel Lens with a Shutter

… and with flash! Look at this beauty. An 8×10 barrel “Gundlach” single meniscus lens on a Gibellini AG810 with Sinar Copal shutter and modern (Godox) flash. Works great. I 3-d printed the lens adapter board. As long as the lens is not super heavy ( > 3 lbs) and the back cells are not too deep, the setup works great.