Samples From The Hasselblad CFV II 50C

This is not a review of the new Hasselblad CFV II 50C digital back. For a quick introduction to what the CFV II 50C is all about, see the promotional video from Hasselblad below.

Currently the CFV II 50C is only available as part of the “907X Special Edition” package, which is already sold out. At a list price of $7995, and even at half the price, the 907x Special Edition is not affordable for me. Fortunately, I have friends. In this case, Godfrey received his 907x package recently and he generously allowed me to ogle and fondle the back. I took my unmodified-for-digital 203FE and the 50/2.8 FE lens to his place and took a few shots. Since the camera is unmodified, this meant I had to put the setup on a tripod and use the electronic shutter). In short, the quality of the Hasselblad CFV II 50C digital back is INSANE.

(A couple images were cropped to square to celebrate the Hasselblad)

My friend Ray is with me (he had been traveling and shot 120+ sheets of 5×7 during the last 4 weeks). I just used the standard WLF and the Acute Matte screen to focus. Easy-peasy. Out of the camera, the .3FR files are gorgeous as is, the colors are so great. I did some LR work, but honestly, the originals look 95% like these….

I am too poor to afford one, but … this is so sweet. If the camera is modified, then the focal plane shutter on the 203FE can be used. For the 500 series, it just works. The back fits beautifully on the body. Hasselblad did a great job. For the Hasselblad owners who can afford it, this is a great addition to the V camera system.