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Who Am I?

Rchard with Viewcam

I am a photographer interested in fine arts, documentary, portraits, … well just about anything other than macros and sports.

In 2016, I continued three portrait projects with large format 4×5 films. All 3 projects are planned to result in book publications, and if possible, gallery shows.

In “Hearts on Our Sleeves – Stories and Portraits of Transgender People”, I am photographing transgender people.

In “Transformations:Cosplay”, I am photographing cosplayers / media-genre costumers in costumes and in their “civilian attires”.

In “Worldbuilders of Science Fiction and Fantasy”, I am photographing genre writers, artists, and editors.

My Encounter With Online Transphobia” describes how I and others were banned from an online photography community, simply because the moderators would not tolerate short descriptions of transgender people’s life stories just because they are trans.

On a lighter note, “The Art of Engineering” is my review of the new Gibellini ACN 4×5 camera! Hand made in Italy, it is a functional tool that looks good while doing it.

Contact Information

Address: ImageCraft
2625 Middlefield Rd #685
Palo Alto, CA 94306 USA

Email: richard@richardmanphoto.com

Phone: Email for further contact info